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tv   Studio B With Shepard Smith  FOX News  March 31, 2011 3:00pm-4:00pm EDT

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box no. one, fierce debate on capitol hill today over the arming of those rebels over libya. this as the defense secretary says there will be no american boots on the ground there while he is on the job. team fox coverage of the situation in libya straightaway. fox number two. word of tactic in syria as they are demanding freedoms of their own in what could be a very welcome revolution coming up. and three, wild weather across the country. man, central, florida, spanked. rain out west. major storm down in dixie.
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the tornad tornado in florida. nor'easter heading our way. opening day of the baseball season. go yankees! that's all ahead unless breaking news changes everything on studio b. first on fox at 3:00, two major government defections in libya this less than 48 hours delivering a striking blow really to the libyan strong man muammar qaddafi. one day after the long time confy daunt desserted the regime another top government official has now quit as well because moussa koussa was one of muammar qaddafi's closest aids. he left tripoli this week and slipped across the border into tunisia. then he took a flight to london where he immediately asked for political asylum.
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resignationussa's restrived by shows that the regime is fragmented, under pressure and crumbling from within. >> shepard: the guy is moussa koussa by the way. he may be able to provide extremely valuable information about what is going on inside the qaddafi regime. steve harrigan with the latest on the ground battle wendel george wallace letter wit withe gluiest how important is the defection? >> the white house called it a "major defection" and libyan diplomats who support the rebounds and are based at the united nations in new york say that it is a significant blow to qaddafi. i also spoke to a former british ambassador to libya who knows moussa koussa well, and he says he is probably bringing with him a treasure trove of information.
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listen. >> he must, indeed, know what is going on so to speak in the the bunker. he must have been taking part in talks with qaddafi himself and the people around qaddafi the last two or three weeks and knows what the strong and weak points are. >> and that former ambassador also said, shep, that it is now time for moussa koussa to speak up loudly and describe exactly why he felt he had to leave the qaddafi regime and hopefully by doing that he can encourage others to defect and bring qaddafi's regime crumbling down around him, shep. >> shepard: the libyan government, of course, is downplaying all this, right? >> the libyan government today in fact said this is simply the action of a sick and tired old man. it was in their words much ado about nothing. listen. >> this is not reflective on individuals no matter how high ranking they are. we have millions of people
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leading this and this is a fact. so if any someone seems tired, seems sick or exhausted, you know, and he wanted to take a rest, it just happens. >> but that libyan government spokesman may be becoming more worried now with an al-jazeera a report is correct, shep. the arab based network reporting now that several more senior qaddafi government figures are heading for tunisia and trying to defect, shep >> shepard: that is very good news. might have been my favorite sound bite of the day. therefore i would like to see it again. >> this is a whole nation. it is not dependent upon individuals. it doesn't matter how high ranking they are. we have millions of people leading this and this is a fact. so any one seems tired, or feels, you know, sick or
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exhausted, you know, and you want to take a rest it just happens. >> shepard: millions of people leading this fight. if you feel sick or exhausted and want to take a rest, it just happens. this moussa koussa may have a lot of information to offer but may also have american blood on his happeneds. >> absolutely. he has been close to colonel qaddafi for several decades. he was the libyan ambassador to london in fact during the 1980s when actually advocated in an interview with the times newspaper there the killing of libyan dissidents. he was also for a time the head of one of the two libyan intelligence services. he was the head of that service from 1994. but close to qaddafi before that so one of the questions will be did he know about the plans to bomb pan am flight 103 over lock scotland. does he have american blood on
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his hands. he has not been given any immunity from the u.s. there will be no immunity from prosecution there either. it remains to be seen what happens to moussa koussa. they wanted information but they may also want to put him on trial in the future, shep. >> shepard: complicated. jonathan hunt will be chatting away with you if you so choose. go over to the fox news .com/shep. appears i'm wearing my glasses on that thing. that's weird. click the on the hunt thing on the right and join the conversation. he is a great conversationist, that jonathan hunt. enjoy him. >> colonel qaddafi today warning the west that they have started something in libya they cannot control meaning we. in a statement to libyan television qaddafi says the leaders who decided to launch a crusader war between christians and muslims it is they who have stricken with madness. it will be out of their control no matter what methods of detraction they have at their
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disposal. this comes from a dictator who pleasantly blamed the uprising in libya on bin laden and protesters fueled by nescafe spiked by hallucinogenic drugs. on the ground in libya the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff says today qaddafi is not close to a military breaking point despite nearly two weeks of all of the air strikes in a war we are carrying out there. they have significantly degraded his fire power but he is still rocking. what is the latest on the ground there, steve? >> it has been more of a retreat for the ledges. therebels. they are heading back towards the stronghold in benghazi where they started before the coalition air strikes began. we are hearing some of the first rounds of antiaircraft fire tonight as well as a low flying jet in the air. qaddafi government forced have been degraded by 25% but certainly not broken and the
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chaotic refre retreat of the rs shows that they will need help. secretary of defense gates says qaddafi will eventually be removed not by a military overthrow from the rebels but by political and economic forces, shep. >> shepard: how are the libyan people reacting? >> they are really hearing the government lying on state -- government line on state television. saying he was an aging man and he had diabetes. he asked for permission to leave and was given permission to leave and some day soon they will welcome him back into the fold her in tripoli. >> shepard: thank you, steve. be careful. the defense secretary robert gates says the task of arming and training the libyan rebels should fall to somebody else and not the united states. gates made that comment during a hearing today in the house armed services committee.
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secretary of state clip ton and the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff has said that the white house has made no decision about supplying weapons to the rebels. but the administration admitd that it knows nothing about them. now, the president is trying to change that. he recently signed a secret order weeks ago we are told to send cia operatives into libya but cia operatives must not wear boots because we all know we have no boots on the ground. today we are learning more about these tennis shoed cia people. wendel is at the white house. what else was the presidents it secret order? >> it is called a presidential finding. as you say, it authorizes a small group of cia operatives to go into libya and direct attacks against muammar qaddafi's forces and also to gather information about opposition leaders but also authorizes the delivery of u.s.
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weapons to libyan rebels. though as you say, secretary of defense gates has made clear he would rather we not do that. white house officials say we are considering nonlethal aid. military officials say they had poor information about libyan arms depots. the cia is also finding out who are the leaders of the opposition are and what their allegiances there. they say they have seen flickers of al-qaeda among the opposition and they are not sure exactly how much is there. >> shepard: flickers. wendedeled l thanks. >> shepard: will the united states give them money and give them guns? we have been in this position before and it hasn't gone very well. the latest on arming libya's rebels whom we don't yet know. that's next. [ femalannouncer ] we're made to mix...
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>> not as long as i'm in this job. >> not as lock as i'm in this job. >> the obama administration insists the united states military will about not be fighting a ground war in libya. secretary of defense robert gates says he cannot speak for the other allies but american troops will not set foot in libya. lawmakers argue the united states doesn't know what the rebels stand for or what they will do if they succeed. i mean, if we give them guns will they murder all of the people who were from the government? or will they murder us? i mean how do you know? we don't know them, remember? earlier in the day house law make hes grilled secretary gates and admiral mullen about the mission and the military options. here is some of that. it is worth hearing. >> this is the most muddled definition of an operation probably in u.s. military history to say what it is and what it isn't. to say this is not about regime change is crazy. of course, it is.
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why not just be honest with the american people? >> could you or admiral mullen discuss our plans if any regarding arming the rebels? they seem to be getting their butts whipped. >> well, consistent with what the secretary said, we know a few of their leaders but there is a whole lot more we don't know. and so we certainly are looking at options from not doing it to doing it. >> shepard: options from not doing it to doing it. one thing we do know, the rebels are in 100% full restreet and as the first congressman mentioned they are getting their butts beat and if they don't get help on the ground they will lose. the head of nato today coming out strongly against plans to provide any weapons to the unknown rebels saying we are there to protect the libyan people, not to arm the people. the washington bureau chief of newspaper ispaper i one
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with us. we there are to change a regime. that is why we are there. >> you are right and the questions on the hill were right. you can't beat about the bush forever. but for that reason the option of arming the rebels becomes a very serious one. why? because nothing else is working right now. and as your reporting has said, the rebels are in head long retreat. they are back where they were 12 days ago. arming the rebels seems crazy. look what happened last time the u.s. tried it on a large-scale, arm in afghanistan. initially that worked well and helped seal off the soviets but they effectively the taliban there. it is like watching a high game tennis match. it is going badly for the
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rebels. if u.n. resolution 1973 does not authorize or give legal cover for the nato allies to put boots on the ground and clearly this administration in washington and nato partners and the arab league members don't want it, then what else do you do? do you allow qaddafi right now to press ahead and carry out the massacre he was threatening in benghazi? >> shepard: well, that was the problem when we got into this thing in the first place. we are going to hand it over in days, i remember that vividly and we happened it over but, of course, we are care arerying out more than half of the strikes and now we are faced with the position where the exact same thing we said we were trying to prevent is now going to happen. and they are talking all around who is going to send boots on the ground. it sounds like the french are going to send boots on the ground, does at any time? if they don't send them they will have a refugee crisis to beat the band and their oil, too. they need that oil, those french. >> they are the big buyers of
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the oil and the italians. they will be the ones to receive the refugees. they have the vital interest in solving this problem and to be fair to the administration that is a point that they have been trying to make from the outset. this matters to you, let's see you put some skin in the gain the president said in one of his interviews after his speech on friday. but arming the rebels remains an extremely, extremely dicey proposition. it has never worked long term before and one should add that the so-called flickers of al-qaeda in the intelligence. >> shepard: that is priceless, isn't it? >> that's great. it will be interesting to see when history is written whether those flickers turn out to be something bigger. it is well known that eastern libya in a town east of benghazi between there and the egyptian border was a hot bed of -- a major source heading to iraq during the iraq war.
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in per capita terms libya is by far the biggest supplier of suicide bombers to the world and these are some of the people firing rpgs at qaddafi's troops now. >> shepard: is this fibbing a new thing, we are not in a war no, foots o boots on the grouns this a new thing or is this where the government just flat out lies in our face on what we are doing? >> this is new. major high risk experiment in u.s. foreign policy. i think all sides can probably agree the pentagon is overstretched already and this is the word already used by gates, by obama. it is no surprise to anybody after ten years of afghanistan and iraq that the u.s. cannot afford to be seen to step back from the defense of freedom and democracy especially at this time of -- what was a time of great hope in the middle east.
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but at the same time it simply can't carry on doing the heavy lifting. especially if libya is to set a precedent for other countries such as yemen and bahrain where the old autocrats who were our allies have decided to deal with it by shooting. >> shepard: yes, they he have. gile is e, thank you, sir. ♪ ♪ [ male annouer ] with amazing innovation, driven by rentless competition, wireless puts the world at your command. ♪ the morning after the big move starts with back pain... and a choice. take advilow... and maybe up to 4 in a day. or, choose aleve and 2 pills for a day free of pain.
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>> shepard: it just keeps getting worse in japan. a team of nuclear experts from france are now there to help the workers at the fukushima plant deal with radio active water. they found even more water underneath one of the reactors. samples have measured, get this, 10,000 times the level the government deems safe. in other words, it is not safe, stay away. rescuers say that the radiation has made it nearly impossible to recover the bodies of the
3:24 pm
victims of the earthquake and tsunami. dominik is in osaka, japan. hello, dominik. >> there was actually one thousand bodies near the fukushima plant who were claimed in the earthquake and tsunami back on march 11. it is too dangerous for workers to get there. people are pondering the fact that there may be survivors amongst the wreck and where the dead bodieskies are sitting there being rained on with radio active debris and substances. if the rescue workers are scared to go in there who knows what the fate of the people will be. that speculative but genuinely a possibility at this time. you p were talking about water deneath the turbine. there is radioactive ground water within the actual natural water table near the plant. that means people who are living in this area are actually -- who actually use wells instead of actually tap
3:25 pm
water, they actually could become contaminated as a result of that. meanwhile, we had the french president here with the france leading nuclear nation to lend a hand with the help of the g 20 countries saying there needs to be uniform standards across the world. >> shepard: the radical cleric who inspired we are told the christmas day bomber and the fort hood shooter is talking now, breaking his silence on the wave of uprisings hitting the middle east. he say hassever the outcome of the revolt, the uprest "will benefit al-qaeda. oh, really?n "ono, that's next. next thing you know he's got a stunning portfolio. shhhh, you're welcome. [ male announcer ] e-trade. investing unleashed. aren't getting enough whole grain. but actually, it's never been easier to get
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>> shepard: we just got this in from the joint chiefs of staff chairman admiral mike mullen explaining to us why the rebels with whom we have not sided and with whom we are not fighting are losing. admiral mullens says especially around the town of where is it -- i'll find it. i'll just read it to you. qaddafi's military gains particularly around misrata credited in large part to the air strikes conducted recently by the coalition because the weather is bad. so the weather is making the people with whom we have not sided lose to the man whom we do not want to overthrow. the unrest in syria is a big concern for the united states. the big concern for us in the
3:30 pm
united states is that syria is aligned with iran, hello, and supports hezbollah in lebanon. the unrest in syria means further unrest in the region and problems for us in a big way and if syria does not make good on its pledge to move toward lifting then in law there which it hasn't done in 47 years people are promising they will not stop until they achieve that goal. with us is robert hunter, a former ambassador to nato. director of middle east affairs during the carter he administration. has been a leading speechwriter for several united states presidents and other top government officials. sir, an honor to have you here. thank you. >> honor to be with you. >> shepard: what are we going to do here now because this guy asaad who hillary clinton is trying to convince us is a reformer is known for murdering tens of thousands of their own people, am i not, correct? >> when becomes a reformer i'm going to start selling
3:31 pm
beachfront property in arizona. >> shepard: perfect. >> it would be a good thing to have fundamental change in syria. there is a lengt link to iran d confrontation to israel and what the see syrians do in lebn and he is trying to oppress his people. this is not quite what it was in libya. nobody likes qaddafi, but we don't have anything at stake in the region of syria in terms of stability and instability. even the israelis aren't quite sure they want asaad to go. the saudis don't want him to go. this has been a dangerous -- >> shepard: the syrians want him to go. >> i would love to see him go and i hope he will recognize that he may go out in a coffin the way saddam did if he doesn't start doing some fundamental thing there's. but as to what we can do to help i'm afraid we are stuck with di diplomacy.
3:32 pm
there really is not good option there unlike libya the war we are not fighting which is, of course, a war. >> shepard: if history is any indication i believe it was 1982 when his dad and the regime went in there and killed a whole town of almost 15,000. wiped them off the face of the earth. what if this happens and al-jazeera a has a camera over there, though they probably won't show too much of this. i don't think al-jazeera a likes this conflict as much as the other one. what if the cameras witness him murdering a lot of people, then what do you do? >> a lot of countries saying we don't want to get into this. not just the united states, also the french for example had a long standing relationship in syria and lebanon. the saudis and others have to have a word with asaad. in fact, we may see him overthrown even by his own
3:33 pm
people without anybody doing anything and then the difficulty is again about getting a regime there, a government there that isn't going to descend into civil war. you have 11% of the country governing the other 89%. if they go and they run the army, then civil war is the name of the game and then what outsiders do, frankly, that is not an issue i would want to have to face. >> shepard: not an issue any of us would want to have to face. great for you to be here. thank you so much. >> pleasure. >> shepard: continuing coverage on syria now. reena ninan is here with us from amman, jordan. how are the syrian people responding to all this? >> shep, the syrian people are still taking to the streets. what is interesting is he didn't want to throw them any bones and he will do this on his own time. he didn't announce any new measures in his speech last
3:34 pm
night but a short time ago he said he is going to release possibly 84 political prisoners and set up a committee to look into ending emergency rule and also to look into the deaths of the protesters there, shep. >> shepard: now, this in a country where they don't have any rights. no freedom of speech. no freedom of religion. they can't congregate and talk about politics and he is going to release 84 political prisoners and thinks that will do the trick. good luck, sir. you are in jordan today. what are you you expecting there after tomorrow's friday prayers? >> i spoke to the head of the muslim brotherhood and he said that people have gotten a taste of freedom that they are willing to die for. they are calling for a silent sitin. there are two camps here. we are going to be live starting from fox and friends tomorrow morn to see exactly how the clash goes down and how the silent protests manifests itself in a country that has seen the other arab nations
3:35 pm
stumble from the lack of democracy and freedoms and they are calling for their own, shep. >> shepard: we'll be watching, thank you. italy has begun shipping off thousands of north african migrants. it is home to about 5,000 residents but recently migrants have flooded the town, outnumbering the locals and they didn't like it. many spent weeks without access to food and water and some don't have shelter. the prime minister there has promised to ship some of the migrants back to tunisia. reports indicate he has promised to compensate residents with money, a new golf course and to nominate them for the noble peace prize. when the financial crisis was at its worse point big banks were borrowing tens of billions, now we know trillions of dollars from the united states government but we never knew which banks or how much they got.
3:36 pm
remember they didn't want to tell us that because they were worried people might trust one bank too much. the numbers are fascinating. judge andrew napolitano tells us information about the banks and federal reserve were trying to keep from us. what super fruit is taking sunsweet ones.orm? prunes? they're a delicious source of nutrients. wow! it's packaged by itself... that's fantastic! that is so juicy. this is delicious. sunsweet ones. over 400 million enjoyed, and counting.
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>> shepard: a federal judge today sentenced two former new orleans city police officers in connection to the shooting death and body burning of a man in the wake of hurricane katrina. the judge sentenced former officer david warren to 25 years in prison for shooting a 31-year-old man with no justification outside a strip mall less than a week after the 2005 storm. that same judge sentenced this guy, former officer greg mcray to 17 years in prison because he burned that man's body in a car near a police station where glover was shot. the judge told this guy mccray the devastation caused by hurricane katrina was made uglier by your disturbing
3:40 pm
actions.n at a time when more was expected from you you failed miserably. the judge also convicted the former lieutenant travis mccabe of writing a follows report on the shooting. his sentence is on hold while they seek a new trial. they shot and killed the guy for no reason and burned his body and covered it up with paper work. new orleans police department and two go go away for 17 and 25 years. new signs that layoffs are dropping. fewer people applied for unemployment benefits last week, down 6,000, the second decline in three weeks. last month, employers added 192,000 jobs, the most in nearly a year. economists forecasting a slightly lower total for march. federal reserve forced to release information on a secretive lending program, something it has never before done. never. this after the fox business
3:41 pm
network and bloomberg news requested data about financial institutions that got the emergency loans during the financial crisis in '08. the supreme court rejected a bid to keep the information secret. now, some 25,000 documents, some hundreds of pages long each are providing new insight about which banks got how much from whom and for what. fox news senior judicial analyst judge andrew napolitano is here. he anchors freedom watch on the fox business network in the evening times and prime time. a lot o of banks got 3 pointing is trillion dollars. i didn't know we had that much money. in the old days they would have printed it. in the modern era they told the banks to add zeros to the accounts with the fed. it was created out of thin air. this is in 2008. think about $3.3 trillion. more than one quarter of the gross national product.
3:42 pm
went out in a three month period, created out of thin air. what is the effect of that? we start to see it now a few years later. rising prices. food, beer, gasoline. the number was startling and to people that watch this for a living the $3.3 trillion in that short period of time. >> shepard: it was nothing. i mean they literally added zeros to the back of their accounts. >> yes. >> shepard: and now the banksters are having -- just had the most profitable quarter of the new millennium. >> listen to this. they borrowed some money from the treasury on the fed in order to pay back the fed the money that they borrowed from them in 2008. ha is ridiculous but that is the way the system works. they borrowed it on the discount window which is the lender of last resort. nobody wants to be seen standing in line at the discount window. the large banks said we didn't really need the money but we accepted it because the government wanted us to take it, we were doing the patriotic
3:43 pm
thing to do. that is that the banks would have us believe. >> shepard: the patriotic thing for the banks to do is lend that money. >> the patriotic thing for the fed would be not to create money out of thin air. as you said in the intro, the courts forced the fed to do this and they were not happy. >> shepard: have we learned who got what and why? >> there is a loose interpretation of the word financial institution. honda is a financial institution. and general motors is a financial institution. some other entities that are not banks as we understand them went to the fed and got money. >> shepard: i guess everything was going to implode, right. >> that was the argument that was made to the fed. >> shepard: it sounded believable. >> it did sound believable at the time. >> shepard: it the banksters just hijack the whole country, is that what happened? >> i think the banks succeeded, they not only got this, they got tarp from the congress which got its cash by borrowing money from the chinese and the
3:44 pm
indians. there is a tremendous amount of about funny money circulating through the economy because the banks persuaded the bush administration which persuaded the fed and congress to believe that the world would collapse. now, we have too much money chasing too few goods and prices will go up. >> shepard: and we are seeing that across the board. >> and who gets hurt by that the most the people that can afford it the least. >> shepard: that is who is hurt in all of this. the people who can afford it the least. the middle class is disappearing. >> the court basically says all government documents are presumed to be available to the public and the government would have to argue why it was not available to the government. the fed claimed its documents were presumed secret and the court said for the first time in 98 years, no. >> shepard: all right, judge. it is all kind of depressing, isn't it? >> sorry to bring you bad news.
3:45 pm
>> shepard: at least the yankees are winning, 5-3. while we were speaking they got a homerun. no, it is 5-3 now. who is the most recent one? jeter sac fly. >> all right. he is a good man. >> shepard: good to see you, judge. >> good to see you, shep. >> shepard: 8:00 eastern time and 7:00 at the library there in oxford, on right over on the fox business network. fox business giving you the power to prosper. it is the fastist growing business news in all of cable. if you don't get the fox business network then ask for it! we have a bigger crew than usual. >> great voices. >> shepard: they came in to watch you today, judge, and the yankees. thank you. wisconsin's union battle is still going on after a judge today blocked the controversial law that would have really taken away almost all of collective bargaining rights of the union, actually a lot of their rights period. the governor scott walker signed the bill earlier this
3:46 pm
month. his poll numbers on the way down by the way. after weeks of mass protests, who can forget the goodness in madison. but the judge today stopped plans to put the law into effect so she can consider one of several challenges to its legitimacy. the turmoil sweeping the arab world prompting a call to action from a top leader of al-qaeda. why he says this is great news for the terrorists. plus, powerful storms carry across dixie and know headed for the northeast. up to a foot. and it is no april fool's day. look, that's coming up. fiber one chewy bar.
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>> shepard: well, that radical cleric born in america the one named anwar al-awaki.
3:50 pm
al-qaeda's online magazine called "inspire," god, the new mexico ney tip says the unrest opens the door for the terrorist network. catherine herridge with the news live in d.c. seems he wants in on the action. >> he does and the new magazine inspire is on a serious note seen by u.s. officials as an attempt by his group in yemen to really get in on the action and to be relevant to the changes going on in the middle east. this is the fifth edition of the magazine. a lifestyle magazine, a kind of marsha stewart living for english jihaddists. the cleric says the unrest in middle east is a boon for al-qaeda and calls the libyan leadary lunatic in the magazine. the defense secretary and others said he is engaging in
3:51 pm
wishful thinking. >> they do see opportunities and we have to be on guard against that as do the countries themselves that the revolutions don't get hijacked. i think in the long run al-qaeda is a loser in this process -- in this revolution that is taking place. >> aulos loser in the sense that the changes in the middle east according to officials really undercut the al-qaeda narrative which has been that you can only use bombs and bull lets to seek change in the middle east and to get rid of the dictators. >> shepard: and i understand you have a new photo of one of his alleged followers for the suspected fort hood shooter major nadal hassan. >> it thy is a new photo taken as an official photo after the army complained his attorney had taken a picture of his client and sent it from his iphone. his defense team claims evidence is still being withheld from the case as he prepares for the trial.
3:52 pm
what is interesting in what amounts to the dee dear abby section of the magazine, individuals like nadal and others have been successful. the fact that they were able to pull off operations without being halted by authorities is a great success. you have awaki signaling to people to try to engage in the lone wolf style attacks. in the magazine, he is promising some type of open video conference and questions and they see this as a sign that he is feeling very bold given the conditions in yemen right now, shep. >> shepard: just for a point of emphasis a sort of martha stewart living for english speaking radicals. >> it is a lifestyle magazine and something you would almost pick up in a dentist's office. it has articles about how to live your life and dee dear aby
3:53 pm
questions and this kind of thing and it is deceptive in its packaging. people love that term because it is kind of easy to underand it and that is what i'm all about, as you know, shep. >> shepard: i do know that. i just -- i'm not inspired. >> there are recipes, too. you may be inspired as well. >> shepard: it as new world, catherine. thanks so much for being here. >> you're welcome. >> shepard: the weather a mess, too. spring storms causing a big mess in the southeast. horrible winds and thunderstorms and tornadoes. we looked at this 30,000 times before megan got on the air today. sweeping across tampa bay and central, florida. reports of 110 miles an hour winds flipping cars and damaging homes, an airplane hangar there. 70 people were in or around there at the time. chief meteorologist rick reichmuth with the forecast. you were called in for this. i looked at the lightning track they are morning and it looked like a christmas tree. >> it did. yesterday, storms across the exact same area. there was no damage yesterday to the space shuttle
3:54 pm
"endeavour." this picture from twitter from nasa. day two of the storms moving across the area. take a look at it. this is a look the radar. five tornadoes reported mostly on the western side of the state but the line of storms now continuing to slowly thin to the south as the big storms move to the east. as they move to the east as the whole thing sinks to the south and probably some repeats of some this of. more rain up around daytona beach and down towards cape canaveral. some of the cells, east of tampa and bradenton could spout tornadoes by this afternoon. by tonight the storm sinks farther to the south. miami still in the risk for severe weather. some thunderstorms, probably less of a threat for tornadoes overnight. but the next couple of hours still rough across parts of florida. >> shepard: and up here, snow, i guess, huh, rick? >> hard to imagine. it is still march. tomorrow is april. we can still get the storms. we will be seeing the next
3:55 pm
storm this moisture meeting up with a bigger storm. it is going to develop a nor'easter so we have winter storm warnings in effect across jersey, pennsylvania, upstate new york. almost all of new england dealing with this tonight into tomorrow. when all said and done some spots will probably see about a foot of snow. i think the majority of the snow to far northern new england and inland as well. the cities, mostly rain. maybe a few flakes at the end. >> hard to play baseball in the snow but it can be done. >> it can be done. >> shepard: rick, thank you. the nasa officials say the storms there in florida have held up emergency training at the launch pad. the "endeavour" fuel tank had some damage. the stor storm blew off some oe insulating tank. breaking news now on fox news channel. cobra watch 2011 is over.
3:56 pm
the bronx zoo's cobra which has obviously been tweeting for are days now as it escaped captivity and went out to roam the city has been captured and now we have all of the details on said cobra. and for that you must stay tuned. uncer ] nature is unique... pure... and also delicious. like nature valley. granola bars made with crunchy oats and pure honey. nature valley -- 100% natural. 100% delicious. ♪
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>> shepard: critters now. and the coolest criticismer in all of new york is from the bronx zoo. our affiliate here wnyw, fox 5 reporting that they found the cobra. fox 5 didn't find it, actually the zoo found if t. reports indicate it was hiding inside the zoo abouts reptile house. how weird is that, a reptile in the reptile house. zoo officials planning to hold a news conference just minutes from now. the egyptian cobra disappeared from its enclosure and ppl


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